LEAD participants showing their Driveway project at a poster session.

Course Information

The two courses are not defined by their academic prefixes and are co-taught by faculty with distinct academic backgrounds that complement the other’s perspective, and both courses will leverage insights from the gamut of disciplines connected to innovation, collaboration, and social impact.

Course Times: Fall/Spring Semester: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:00-1:45pm and 2:00-3:15


Welcome to the Grand Challenges Living Learning Community at Georgia Tech!

As students embark on their journey as a first year, they will dive into a unique academic experience designed to push the boundaries of traditional learning. In Grand Challenges, students will not find typical lecture-style classes but will be asked to tackle real-world problems head-on, alongside a community of passionate peers and mentors through teamwork and innovation. 

Grand Challenges curriculum is built on three core principles:

Engagement Beyond the Classroom: Saying goodbye to passive learning and stepping outside the textbook and classroom walls to confront real issues facing real people through interactive and collaborative sessions where the student voice matters.

Interdisciplinary Exploration: Challenging students to think both deep and wide. Dive into personal areas of expertise while also gaining a broad understanding across disciplines like engineering, psychology, sociology, business, and policy. Get ready to get broad perspectives and approach problem-solving from multiple angles.

Team Collaboration: Big problems require big teams. Students will work alongside their peers, guided by upperclassmen and graduate students, to make meaningful impacts on society. Collaboration isn't just encouraged; it's essential.

All participants are required to take two classes during their first academic year in Grand Challenges. These classes will count towards elective requirements and are held in Brittain Rec.

PUBP 1142

 Teams and Collaboration

Fall Semester 


In the fall, students will lay the groundwork for effective teamwork and dive deep into their chosen problem space. Explore potential solutions to the Grand Challenges their team selects while honing their critical-thinking, presentation, and teamwork skills. Throughout the semester, they will present their progress to instructors and external partners, refining their ideas along the way.


COE 1201

Exploring Grand Challenges

Spring Semester


Building on the work of the fall, the spring semester dives deeper into problem-solving using design thinking methodologies. Groups will test and refine their innovative solutions while developing strategies for their viability and communication. Share their progress at checkpoints and culminate the year with a poster session, showcasing their work to peers, faculty, and industry representatives.