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Grand Challenges aims to address the broad problem spaces of disaster, energy, environment, food, health, learning, security, shelter, and water. These areas were chosen because they have many potential solutions, but only a few that will be effective. Solving these ‘wicked’ problems requires more than just a good grade in multivariable calculus.

Grand Challenges also recognizes that service is more than an extracurricular activity — it is a leadership style. By guiding students to analyze global problems with empathy, Grand Challenges develops the skill of servant leadership in its students. The result is a community of change-makers who have an unparalleled opportunity to impact the world.

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The coursework and leadership opportunities would not be possible without the community created by this group of like-minded students, looking to make their place in the world. It does not take long for first-year students in Grand Challenges to think of Howell or Cloudman as home and their fellow GCers as family.

In any given week, Grand Challenges students may go en masse to an Atlanta United game, see a show at the famous Fox Theater or visit the Georgia Aquarium. They work on service projects together and can also be found out in nature hiking or white-water rafting. During the week, students are invited to faculty-lead Lunch and Leads or Thinking Thursdays as great ways to begin networking around campus. In Grand Challenges, students can always be found working together in the Howell and Cloudman study lounge, watching TV, playing piano on the ground floor, or building something with the 3D printers. This camaraderie and friendship begins the day a student says “YES” to Grand Challenges!