Event Request

To be used when requesting a Grand Challenges community event. If this event involves food, please also fill the Food/Group Meal Event Documentation form.

Expense Reimbursement

To be used when requesting to be reimbursed for an approved personal expense.

Food/Group Meal Event Documentation

To be used when food is purchased or requested.

Student Purchase Request

To be used when requesting a Grand Challenges staff member to make purchase for you. 


What does a receipt need to have to get reimbursed?

To get reimbursed for any purchases, make sure your receipt contains:

  • An itemized list of items purchased
  • Proof of payment – this means either a zero balance OR the last four digits of the card used for payment

Why does my purchase reimbursement/P-Card request need to be approved by another team member?

To ensure that the proposed purchase has been discussed within the team and is agreed upon by other members.

When and why is a Food Group Meal Form needed?

GT is a state entity and is constrained by the state of GA per diem rates. Any time food is purchased or included in a purchase, the IRS will check to ensure that we have complied with the state’s per diem.

The most important information on this form is the location where the food was consumed (on or off campus) and the number of people at the event – if the event is smaller than 20 people then we need a list of all attendees.

When should I request reimbursement for my purchase?

A reimbursement must be submitted to the GC team within 30 days of the purchase date – if it is submitted later than that, GT policy reserves the right to withhold reimbursement from the requestor and "Convenience and/or a lack of proper planning are not legitimate reasons to circumvent standard institute procurement processes."

How much can I get reimbursed?

Personal funds reimbursement cannot exceed $500 per day or event.