Tyler Schott's (GC 2019)  shares his experience living in Cloudman Residence Hall as a member of the Grand Challenges Living Learning Community.


Grand Challenges is unique for a variety of reasons from  the academic challenges it offers to all students participating in FYE (First Year Experience) together in Howell Residence Hall or Cloudman Residence Hall, both located on East Campus.

All of our residents are in the Grand Challenges community love collaborating on their projects in the shared spaces of Cloudman and Howell. This incredibly supportive and engaging living environment is invaluable for the living learning community.

north ave

Enjoyed your experience in Grand Challenges during your first year? After the first year, students can choose to live together on the Grand Challenges block of the North Ave Apartments.

Students who want to extend their Grand Challenges experience will choose to continue with their first year Grand Challenges project or join a different Grand Challenges team from. Grand Challenges faculty will review any applications and share information about additional requirements. 

Grand Challenges students are required to complete the Housing Application process through My Housing. Any roommate selections made through My Housing will also need to be requested via the Grand Challenges housing form that students receive.