Current Projects

Team Fulcrum


How might we provide college students awareness of their mental wellness so they can better balance their lifestyles?

Food Fighters Team

Food Fighters

How might we better define food insecurity at Georgia Tech?

Team Stempower


How might we foster self-efficacy and an interest for STEM in pre-teen girls?


Team evolvEd


How might we convince urban middle school students from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds to value education by helping them find their passion through career exploration?

Team Hope for the Homeless

Hope for the Homeless

How might we combat gentrification by creating an algorithm that predicts which communities will be affected in order provide them with resources and guidance?

Team Hydroguage


How might we identify regions in the United States with unsafe drinking water in an unintrusive, economically-feasible way?

Team Mediculture


How might we combat stunted growth in Bolivian infants through sustainable and culturally integrative means?

The Prosthetics People

The Prosthetic People

How might we design and make available a prosthetic socket that adapts instantaneously to the residual limb?

Team Sol Power

Sol Power

How might we provide sustainable and cost-effective electricity to off grid homes in Tanzania using existing technologies for small daily devices?

Team RefuHeat


How might we provide an affordable, sustainable, and electrically efficient heating system for refugee shelters and tens during cold winter months?