Current Projects

Team Stempower


How might we foster self-efficacy and an interest for STEM in pre-teen girls?


Team Intercept


How might we create a way to detect evidence of human trafficking in order to provide law enforcement with sufficient information to free trafficked individuals and restore their basic human rights?

Team IntOps


How might we create a tool that allows those with Parkinson's disease to interface with technology?

Team Invenergy


How might we propagate the transition to renewable energy sources in urban communities with populations below 250,000 residents?

Team Let's Bee Honest

Let's Bee Honest

How might we assist commercial beekeepers in managing Varroa mite infestation to prevent the collapse of colonies?

Team Mega


How might we improve energy storage systems?

Team Majic


How might we improve drainage systems around septic tanks in clay soil environments in order to prevent further pollution of the water supply that causes adverse environmental and health effects in rural communities?

Team Never Tapped Out

Never Tapped Out

How Might We more effectively and sustainably dispose of human wastewater in the areas with clay soil, with a test case as Lowndes County, AL, to decrease the runoff of waste into rivers and streams?

Team Reading TECHniques

Reading TECHniques

How might we improve peer-to-peer communication skills in students in grades K-5?

Team ReThink It

ReThink It

How might we develop a strong sense of community in order to increase student participation in Atlanta Public High Schools?