Current Projects

Team Stempower


How might we foster self-efficacy and an interest for STEM in pre-teen girls?


Team Hope for the Homeless

Voices of English Avenue

How might we combat gentrification by creating an algorithm that predicts which communities will be affected in order provide them with resources and guidance?

Team Mediculture


How might we combat stunted growth in Bolivian infants through sustainable and culturally integrative means?

Team Sol Power

Sol Power

How might we provide sustainable and cost-effective electricity to off grid homes in Tanzania using existing technologies for small daily devices?

Team Never Tapped Out

Never Tapped Out

How Might We more effectively and sustainably dispose of human wastewater in the areas with clay soil, with a test case as Lowndes County, AL, to decrease the runoff of waste into rivers and streams?

Team SmartBeat


How might we improve outcomes for patients with pacemaker devices?

Team Stop The Sting

Stong the Sting

How might we alleviate the short-term symptoms of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (a nerve impairment caused by cancer treatment processes) so that patients may be more independent at performing their daily tasks?

Team ABC123

Nonstop Workshop

How might we increase pre-school student opportunities for learning outside of school?

Team Empowered


How Might We decrease air pollution caused by the burning of biomasses used to cook in and heat rural homes in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India?

Team FLiP


How might we improve financial literacy for foster children in group homes?