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Whether they are exploring Atlanta, working on a service project, cheering on their fellow Yellow Jackets at the football game, studying for a big test, or just grabbing lunch in the dining hall, Grand Challenges students embrace their community like no other group on Georgia Tech’s campus.


The Grand Challenges courses facilitate faculty-student interaction outside of the classroom, encouraging an engaging and inquiring approach to student learning. Students are enticed to be reflective in their learning as they develop problem solving, leadership, and teamwork skills.


To effectively tackle the complex challenges of today and create the optimal tomorrow, the world needs Grand Challengers - highly motivated, analytically intelligent, and relentlessly optimistic global citizens who recognize the need to work together to create sustainable and authentic change.

GC News

Jade has a passion for water purification and is working on improving the water problem in Malawi!

Phoebe is currently working to create a novel malaria detection device.