Archived Projects

Team GC Irrigation

GC Irrigation

How might we aid in creating sustainable irrigation systems in Burkina Faso?



How might we reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity by using elementary schools as the vehicle to promote healthy lifestyles?

Kudzu Crew

Kudzu Crew

How might we eliminate invasive kudzu vines in residential areas across the United States?

Team mAPPlanta


How might we reduce harmful emissions caused by transportation in the Atlanta metro area?

Team RPG

Runoff Power Generation

How might we increase renewable energy production by diversifying our energy sources?

Solbits Poster


How might we decrease the dependency of fossil fuel generated electricity using solar energy?

Stressed Out Students Poster

Stressed Out Students

How might we diminish excessive stress in Georgia Tech undergraduate students?

Tech Treasure Poster

Tech Treasure

How might we prevent the wasting of still usable resources, including electronics and household furnishings, during the Georgia Tech move-out week?

Team TEKtronics


How might we harness energy from everyday activities to decrease reliance on non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels?

Team TTZ


How might we bridge the gap in developing nations between the lack of clinicians and the difficulty of refitting prostheses for above-knee amputations?