The People of GC

Established in 2012 as a part of the Leadership Education and Development Program within the Division of Student Life and in partnership with the College of Engineering, Grand Challenges Living Learning Community promotes student-driven cross-disciplinary teams that investigate societally relevant technological and sociological problems.

Grand Challenges would not be possible without all of the people who do their part to support the students in the community.

The Faculty Directors
The Co-Directors are also the professors for GC courses. They develop the vision and strategy for the Grand Challenges Living Learning Community and are responsible for the essential learning outcomes of the community. They work tirelessly to ensure that students in Grand Challenges learn how to frame and develop solutions to complex problems that have many answers. They engage their campus colleagues to participate in Grand Challenges in both informal and formal ways creating rich and diverse group of faculty committed to the community.

The Staff
The Assistant Director and Coordinator manage the day-to-day implementation of the vision and strategy for the community. They plan intentional and highly engaging programming and create opportunities for students to have an experience in their first year at Tech that allows them to learn something valuable about themselves and their place in the world. They advocate for Grand Challenges students on campus and beyond and are dedicated to student development and growth.

Grand Challenges Facilitators work with teams of 6-8 undergraduate students as the progress from problem identification to solution implementation. A facilitator's role is to help the team identify objectives and develop a plan to achieve these objectives. They create an environment where the entire team can contribute as they work on identifying a problem worth solving and then the solution they plan to implement.

Faculty Fellows
Grand Challenges Faculty Fellows (GCFF) are chosen from across all disciplines at Georgia Tech.  These faculty have a great reputation with students, and we want to make sure that you get to know them!   Their role in the program is to meet with the students in both social and professional settings.  Our Faculty Fellows are here to advise on projects, research, experiences at Georgia Tech or just discuss how everyone is enjoying GT and Atlanta. GCFFs periodically have lunch, coffee or dinner with small groups of students throughout the semester. They also attend the poster sessions and presentations given by Grand Challenges students.

Advisory Board
The Grand Challenges Advisory Board serves to provide guidance and assistance in connecting Grand Challenges students with appropriate opportunities in their project space. The Advisory Board was established in 2014 to seek input from various stakeholders to push our students to a higher level of progress and thinking about their solutions to grand challenges.