Grand Challenges Scholars Program

The College of Engineering joins twenty other universities in offering students a unique opportunity to address the most pressing challenges facing humanity by participating in the Grand Challenge Scholars Program. Fourteen grand challenges were identified in 2008 with input from leading engineers and scientists.  They span fields as diverse as education, virtual reality, healthcare, the human brain and energy. The program gives highly motivated students the opportunity to design a pathway of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular learning experiences all focused on one of the challenge areas.  With assistance from faculty advisors and the GCSP director, applicants develop a coherent plan that addresses the five program components: a research project, interdisciplinary exploration, entrepreneurship, global encounters and service to community. 

To apply for admission to the Grand Challenge Scholars Program, you must be a student in good academic standing (2.8 or higher) who has identified one of the fourteen Grand Challenges as the focus for learning opportunities in the five GC categories: research, interdisciplinary exploration, entrepreneurship, cross-cultural encounters and service to community.  The complete application includes demographic information, an endorsement from your academic advisor, a personal essay, and a proposed GCS program plan.

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