Your On-Campus Home

The Grand Challenges program is not only unique because of the academic challenges it offers, but also because all students participating in the first year of the program live together in either Howell Residence Hall or Cloudman Residence Hall, both located on East Campus. All of our residents are in the Grand Challenges community, and this creates opportunities for students to work on their Grand Challenges projects and also creates a first year living experience where students know everyone in their residence hall. This incredibly supportive and engaging living environment is invaluable for the living learning community. The common spaces are inviting and designed to inspire collaboration. And, the GC staff offices are right there in the building. Not only are the staff in the building, but the faculty hold regular office hours in the study lounge giving Grand Challenges students the opportunity to get the support they need.

After the first year, students can choose to live together on the Grand Challenges floor of the North Ave Apartments. Just like in either Howell or Cloudman in the first year, living with Grand Challenges colleagues provides ample opportunities to work on the Grand Challenges project and gives students a community of support where they know every person behind every door.