Living With GC

It doesn’t take long for first year students in Grand Challenges to think of Howell as their home and their fellow GCers as their family. Any given week, Grand Challenges students may go en masse to see a show at the famous Fox Theater or visit the Georgia Aquarium or Stone Mountain. They work on service projects together, too – making blankets for children in shelters or snack packs at the local food pantry. Grand Challenges students can always be found working together in the Howell study lounge, watching movies or playing the piano on the ground floor, or building something with the 3D printers. Whether they are exploring Atlanta, working on a service project, cheering on their fellow Yellow Jackets at the football game, studying for a big test, or just grabbing lunch in the dining hall, Grand Challenges students embrace their community like no other group on Georgia Tech’s campus.

Here are just a few of the things the community will do each year!

  • Breakfast with Administrators in Brittain Rec
  • Lunch, Coffee, and Dinner with Grand Challenges Faculty Fellows
  • Fox Theater plays and musicals such as Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Blue Man Group, Elf, and Book of Mormon
  • Cirque du Soliel
  • Fernbank Museum
  • Camping and hiking the Fiery Grizzard Trail and other interesting locations
  • Nova Nights
  • Grand Challenges Block at the Georgia Tech football games
  • Winter Party with a Hot Chocolate Bar
  • Georgia Tech Intramurals
  • Grand Challenges Talent Show
  • Service Projects
  • Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain
  • White Water Rafting on the Ocoee River
  • Research Roundtable and Career Development Dinner
  • Washington D.C. Policy Tour