The Grand Challenges Living Learning Community will present the following awards at the end of the first academic year:

The Out Front Award
The winner of the “Out Front Award” exemplifies all the qualities of an effective student leader. They take initiative to successfully facilitate their group’s project. They take advantage of all Grand Challenges, campus, and Atlanta community resources and make sure their team's project is making progress. This student encourages group members to communicate clearly and openly, and attempts to diffuse hostile group situations in order to make the group a success.  Each leader possesses a can-do attitude and remains committed to the group’s goals, pushing for action and making things happen. They are giving their all, working tirelessly for their team and Grand Challenges.

The Genius Award
An outstanding thinker, this student critically engages himself or herself to solve complex problems for the team’s benefit. They are also open to different perspectives and interpretations for solving the problem at hand. They constantly push for the project to evolve and use innovative approaches to think outside the box for the best possible solutions.  This “Genius” utilizes each classmate’s strengths and different ways of thinking to sustain effective collaboration.

The Community Award
These students have contributed the most to the success of the Grand Challenges Community inside and outside of the classroom. Community Award winners take the initiative to convene group meetings, provide new ideas, and clarify ideas/suggestions for projects. They encourage their fellow classmates to interact positively in the Grand Challenges community by planning events and outings and encouraging others to get involved in campus wide initiatives. These students are champions for Grand Challenges wherever they go and consistently go above and beyond to contribute to the success of the classroom and the overall community.

2016-2017 Award Winners